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      Teachers who want to learn more about teaching with technology will find this Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), Introduction to Technology-Enabled Learning (TEL), informative and engaging. Using up-to-date learning design and simple, accessible technology, the course is designed for teachers who want to build on their knowledge and practice in teaching and learning with technology. You will benefit from this course if you are teaching face-to-face or in a distance/online environment. Anyone interested in improving teaching and learning would enjoy participating in this MOOC.

      TEL MOOC runs over five weeks and requires approximately five hours of time each week. Late registrants are welcome!

      Designed to accommodate teachers’ busy schedules, the course offers flexibility with options for learning the content. You will learn from readings, videos, discussions with other participants and instructors, meaningful exercises, quizzes and short assignments. Certification is available for those who wish to complete all required exercises and quizzes.

      Download our brochure for further details and distribution through your personal and professional networks.

      Instructors: Dr Martha Cleveland-Innes and Dr Nathaniel Ostashewski, Athabasca University, Canada.

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      ScheduleNovember 7 to December 11, 2021 (5 weeks)
      RegistrationOpen until December 11
      Intended audienceTeachers in diverse contexts including secondary education, post-secondary education and vocational education
      Workload5 hours per module (25 hours total)
      Challenge levelIntroductory

      Through this course, you will:

      Two levels of certification are available based on your level of participation and completion of tasks/activities:


      WELCOME MODULE: The Welcome module covers important information and instructions about the course.

      WEEK 1: Learners will investigate technology-enabled learning activities that make use of a wide range of educational technologies:

      WEEK 2: Learners will explore various educational technologies to enhance teaching and learning through review and discussion of:

      WEEK 3: Learners will examine the application of educational technologies to address challenges in different educational contexts:

      WEEK 4: Learners will develop and share a plan for technology-enabled learning in their own teaching and learning context by:

      WEEK 5: Learners will reflect upon the role teaching presence with technology and the processes used to develop educational technology-enabled lessons, including:

      ABOUT US

      Athabasca University is Canada's Open University and provides learning for life. Through the achievements of its students, faculty and staff, AU stands out as a provider of high quality post-secondary education, representing a rigorous, high quality university education accessible for adult learners worldwide. TEL MOOC is offered through the Centre for Distance Education in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

      The Commonwealth of Learning (COL) is an intergovernmental organisation promoting the development and sharing of open learning and distance education knowledge, resources and technologies. COL focusses on quality learning that leads to secure livelihoods and economic opportunities, greater harmony among all members of society as global citizens, and protection of the environment. It is more than formal education, taking place in non-formal and informal settings, and can continue throughout life.

      Dr Martha Cleveland-Innes is Professor in the Centre for Distance Education at Athabasca University in Alberta, Canada. She has been teaching for thirty-five years in all areas of education, face-to-face and online. Martha has received awards for her work on the student experience in online environments and holds a major research grant through the Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. In 2011 she received the Craig Cunningham Memorial Award for Teaching Excellence and in 2009 she received the President’s Award for Research and Scholarly Excellence from Athabasca University. She is currently Guest Professor at The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. Her work is well published in academic journals in North America and Europe.
      Dr Nathaniel Ostashewski is Associate Professor in the Centre for Distance Education at Athabasca University in Alberta, Canada. He has been utilizing technology in teaching since 1990, both at the K12 and graduate education level. For the past 20 years Dr Ostashewski has been training teachers how to incorporate technology into "worth-it" classroom, blended, and online activities. His current research areas include iPads in the classroom, networked teacher professional development, MOOC design and delivery and collaboration technologies in teaching. In 2012, he was invited to work in Western Australia at Curtin University assisting professors in implementing technology-enhancements for courses with up to 1500 students. His latest book is titled Optimizing K12 Education through Blended and Online Learning and he has several open access publications available online.
      ... and our team of course facilitators.

      "It was very informative and timely. I learned a lot and I found the resources to be excellent. In this covid-19 era, the knowledge and skills will be very helpful."

      "Keep up the good and thorough work, it is well appreciated and will go a long way in improving the standard of education in all participants' countries."

      "TEL MOOC was an eye opener and has informed me a lot in use of technology to support teaching and learning. A lot of anxiety on use of technology was allayed through participation in the course."

      "It was very wonderful experience. Got to know about so many new tools and platforms. Also, made so many new friends from discussion forum. Looking forward to participate in more such courses. Thank you team and organizers!"

      Commonwealth of LearningAthabasca University
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